INSPIRE Leadership Certificate Program

Some were meant to lead. You were meant to INSPIRE.

Inspirational leaders were not just born that way. They benefited from training and opportunities to gain experience for effective leadership in their communities and chosen careers. The INSPIRE Leadership Certificate Program gives students the chance to begin that training now.


What is INSPIRE Leadership?

We help students learn about leadership and become tomorrow’s leaders.

At Corpus Christi- St. Mark’s College, you can challenge yourself and reach your potential to be a leader in all that you do. One of our core strengths is offering opportunities for you to learn concrete leadership skills, and how to apply these skills to be more effective in your studies, community volunteering, and future career.

What is the INSPIRE Leadership Certificate Program?

It is a non-credit program available to all students at the College. Get hands-on leadership training, access key resources, and take an active role in a leadership activity of your choosing – all in a supportive environment. Scholarship funding for the program is available.

What you will gain?

  • A deeper understanding of ethics and a strong sense of social responsibility
  • Concrete leadership skills
  • Decision-making, conflict-resolution, and professional communication abilities
  • Capacity to develop a mission and vision and to establish goals
  • Unique leadership style discovered through self-assessment tools

How INSPIRE Leadership Works

Over the course of weekly seminars, the INSPIRE Leadership program is delivered using a combination of lectures, discussions, case studies, guest presentations, student presentations, readings, reflection papers, structured small group activities, research, and a leadership service project.

In this specialized course, you will:

  • Develop leadership qualities and skills, and explore the role leadership plays both locally and globally.
  • Explore the connection between leadership and community involvement through volunteerism, community service, active leadership, and social change.
  • Formulate, grow and sustain leadership skills while developing a personal leadership project


An Alumna's Perspective

As you view the collage of the program spanning a year, Erica shares her story.

“We all desire to make change, whether it be in the world or simply in our own lives. This program provides the tools and motivation needed to do both. I first began the course with no concrete ideas about what I wanted to pursue as a career and where, along with how, I could become a bold, impactful leader. Since then, I have been able to recognize what both my personal and career goals are, and in doing so, have been introduced to a number of volunteer and employment opportunities. I highly recommend Corpus Christi’s leadership program to anyone aspiring to make positive change, reach their goals, and become strong leaders in their community.”

Erica Apacible
INSPIRE Leadership Alumna

From Point A to
Point B(e) Becoming

Keisha & her father along with fellow student Carolina share their experience.


Nathan, Samrath, & Isabel share how the program has transformed them and their ONE WORD.

Starting Today
and BE-yond

INSPIRE Leadership Certification

“I recently received both an offer of employment and an internship opportunity. Both employers showed specific interest in the leadership program, and I have no doubt that it played a key role in my employment. I am truly thankful and excited to have had the opportunity to partake in this program, and would recommend it to all future Corpus Christi students, who like myself, feel the desire to become strong leaders in their communities.”


Gabrielle Mustapich
INSPIRE alumna

Leadership Project Highlights


  • Prison Pen Pal program creates vibrant fellowship between volunteer writers and prison inmates
  • Mental Health Awareness Week supporting, a national charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health
  • Refugee Tutoring program connecting university students with local Syrian refugee families for Math, English, and technology support
  • Community Garden growing food for student events and College outreach initiatives on the Downtown Eastside
  • “Water Walk” highlights the worldwide lack of access to clean water and the experience of women and children who travel hours each day just to get water

Message from the Dean

This is the invitation to our college students to join the INSPIRE program:

Welcome to college, a new chapter filled with endless possibilities! As you embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to seize the opportunity to make a difference right from the very beginning. Your first year presents a unique chance for growth, learning, and leaving a positive impact that will shape your entire college experience.

Why wait for the perfect moment or the right circumstances to arise? Now is the time to take charge, create change, and contribute to your community. By embracing this challenge, you’ll discover that your potential knows no bounds, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can achieve.

Remember, every remarkable journey begins with a single step. Your first year is that starting point—a transformative adventure that will mold your future. Embrace the chance to make a difference, seizing the opportunities that come your way. Prepare to be amazed by the profound impact you can have on the world.

So why prioritize your first year? Why Not? –  Because it’s the perfect time to shine, grow, and leave a lasting impression. Embrace this unparalleled opportunity and embark on a journey that will exceed all your expectations.

We can’t wait to witness the incredible impact you’ll make during your first year and beyond.


Gabriel Pillay

Dean of Students 

Executive Director, Strategy and Planning & Part Time Studies/Continuing Education

E:  [email protected]